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El Futuro Es Hoy’s mission is to impact young adults worldwide through higher education, employment opportunities, community leadership, and business development.
One of our major initiatives is to provide driven students with access to funding to acquire a higher education while meeting certain levels of academic performance and community service.
We look to develop collaborative partnerships with local businesses to create employment opportunities for our sponsored students where they can start putting into practice the things they are learning in the classroom.

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Your financial contribution is greatly appreciated but we understand that for the growth of a young mind we need more than money. We are continuously vetting professionals in different industries that are willing to volunteer and become part of a guiding community for these future leaders. As we widen our reach into different countries, we look forward to your interest in joining our community.

Business Development

Developing the skills of collaboration amongst each other and with other community influencers is an art that future leaders must embrace. We seek to identify those types of environments and strategically position our sponsored students to capitalize on the experiences such environments can offer.

Community Service

The sooner a person realizes that we are here to serve others, the greater is the chance to create greatness. A wise man once said, "service to many leads to greatness." Jim Rhon. Service to our communities leads to stronger individuals. Our sponsored students experience what this means by giving back to their communities.


A leader is a servant of many. We support our students' desire to become leaders in their communities in many different areas. While some may want to teach, others may want to start business ventures, or engage in the public sector, we empower them to lead.


This is our opportunity to make everlasting change in the journey to end poverty. Education is the gift that keeps on giving! We want to empower these young minds to be productive members of society and change their families for generations to come.

We are an organization that believes that communities are strengthen by the vitality of each individual member. There is someone waiting for you to become who you are meant to be because through you and because of you he is going to affect lives. Be inspired.

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