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El Futuro Es Hoy! was born out of a long-lasting and enduring desire to empower young students to accomplish their wildest dreams while serving their communities and changing their families’ predispositions forever. Around the world, we have witnessed amazing things being created from obscurity. Many young people have the desire, drive, and tenacity to do great things. El Futuro Es Hoy seeks to become the bridge between strong determination to succeed and the resources needed to achieve success.

We believe that if we can empower young minds to flourish in their local communities, we are better able to increase the chances of success for other members of those communities. An empowered young student can become the driving force behind new business ventures, new research groups, and all other types of growth opportunities we seek within our local communities.

Empowering young minds is encouraging community growth and strength, but also giving them the tools they need to become self-sufficient. It allows for communities to grow together and strengthen family cohesiveness by reducing the need for migration to other lands for better opportunities.